We have access to Warehouse and industrial spaces with open natural lighted areas with a mix of offices and warehouse/industrial spaces ready for storage or manufacturing equipment
We have access to older Industrial and warehouse properties ready to be repurposed, reused or conversions into retail, office, residential and mixed use. We can assist you locating within economic development zones to help in the overall pro forma cash flow
We have access to various Industrial and Warehouse Facilities to meet your every need and criteria. Our property types vary from small Light industrial for the small contractor with office fronts and rear warehousing to larger warehouse facilities with multiple loading docks and overhead doors. All in great areas accessible to major highways, rail and airports. Keep an eye out for emails from us as new discount properties come available.


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You’re now on our Preferred INDUSTRIAL Investment Buyer list and whenever we have new properties available we’ll shoot you an email. Now please fill out the General INDUSTRIAL Criteria BUYERS Form BELOW.

This will allow us to focus in on the specific property you want based on more detailed criteria. This detailed criteria is placed in our proprietary software to select the specific property you have chosen through this criteria.

Select the criteria that best fits your ideal property. For example if your criteria is a fairly new building with interior ready for manufacturing and /or storage then select the criteria that best describes that. If you are an investor looking to re-purpose for your own warehousing / manufacturing needs to keep acquisition costs down or an investor looking to convert into retail, mixed use or residential then select those aspects that are older, need repair or do not offer the same criteria as a newer property, such as overgrown Landscaping that needs maintenance, new asphalt paving, new roof because roof is older than 15 years, etc.

We end up posting many of our properties here on this website on our Property page… but also, many of our best deals don’t make it to this website because they get sold to our Preferred Buyers List before we have a chance to list them on this website.

When you get an email from us before to open it and look at the available properties fast and contact us if you’re interested in a property right away. Our properties tend to go fast.

If you want to chat with someone on our team about your specific investment profile, feel free to call us at: (307) 231-4190

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WY General Industrial Criteria BUYERS

Listing of Criteria a BUYER will Provide RealEstateSoultionsUSA
    Adaptive reuse refers to the process of reusing an old site or building for a purpose other than which it was built or designed for. Along with brownfield reclamation, adaptive reuse is seen by many as a key factor in land conservation and the reduction of urban sprawl.
  • Building Shell Construction

    Select what you are looking for. So as an example if you are looking for a Commercial Property with a masonry building shell then select it. If it doesn't matter, select ANY.
  • Interior and Utilities Criteria

    Select what you are looking for. So as an example if you are looking for Commercial Property unfinished then select it.
    Some commercial properties and mutlifamly properties do not have a submetering system at a property due to plumbing and electrical configurations as well as the initial cost of the capital investment. Faced with these restraints, property owners use the RUBS utility billing method to recover utility costs from their Tenants. This is a fair and legal (in most states) system when submetering is not feasible. RUBS is a utility billing method that allocates 100% of your property’s utility bill to the Tenants based on an occupant factor, square footage or a combination of both, less a predetermined percentage (determined by you, the owner) of a common area allowance. Landlords typically use the occupant factor allocation method exclusively for water and sewer, and the square footage occupant factor combination for gas and electricity.
  • Heating / Cooling Criteria

    Select what you are looking for. So as an example if you are looking for a house with Radiant heat then select it. If it doesn't matter, select ANY.
  • Roof Criteria

    Select what you are looking for. So as an example if you re looking for a commercial property with a rubber roof then selectit. If it doesn't matter, select ANY.
  • Site Criteria

    Select what you are looking for. So as an example if you re looking for a house with Overgrown trees, landscaping, then select it. Select all that apply to your criteria
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