Company Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values

Company Mission Statement


Our Company mission statement is to constantly and consistently improve the efficiency and quality of real estate selection for buyers through the application of our many years of experience as Investors, Developers, Architects, Contractors and Engineers. Maintaining state of the art software and search techniques to more effectively provide  superior service in our services to the real estate industry in locating  the exact properties for our preferred buyers, helping our  Sellers out of financial burdens, improving  commercial properties  and assisting anyone at any level within the Real Estate Industry in helping them achieve their goals.

Company Vision

To grow our service related businesses around real estate as an integrated, collaborative and automated environment that provides a complete end-to-end capability that is well connected with the real estate industry. Using our many talents as an architect, professional engineer, Contractor, Real Estate investor and Developer to apply solutions to our clients in the Real Estate Industry.

Core Values

Hello, My name is Eugene Ninnie. I am a graduate of the University of Wyoming College of Engineering. I am a professional engineer, architect, contractor and real estate investor with over 25 years of experience. I live in Pinedale, Wyoming. In those 25 plus years I have developed a network of people equally yoked in the real estate industry. We are a team that works in solving problems for home owners and any property owner as well as Investors and Contractors.

I worked in construction while going through the University of Wyoming, I continued to work construction until 1988 when I started by Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Real Estate Investment Company.

My roots are blue collar; I wear the suit out in my photo out of respect for you and my many clients. I hunt, fish and horseback trail ride. I am a Wyoming Resident
I have been operating service oriented businesses for over 30 years. I am a real estate investor, Architect, developer, contractor and Professional Engineer. My unique way of doing business is providing professional service to my preferred clients, in this case Home buyers and other Real Estate Investors

Armed with this extensive experience, I am doing this business to paying it forward to HELP OTHER PEOPLE who may not have the knowledge I have. I dealt with many financial and physical problems in Real Estate and I wish to HELP THOSE OTHER PEOPLE solve their financial and real estate problems whether you are a person needing to Sell your home Fast or an Investor looking for that next successful deal


I have created RESolutionsUSA, a Wyoming Corporation, to help home and property owners with their house and property selling problems by utilizing this Team with this website to help YOU. Our team consists of buyers, investors, contractors, financial/banking, architects, and engineers pooling our talents together to help solve your problem.

While we buy homes and properties, it not all about that. It is helping people who need help and assistance in solving an immediate problem. Problems I have dealt with personally in my life. This is what I LIKE to do. As company owner I have been through divorce, fire, near bankruptcy and other assorted problems. I never had any help in solving these problems.

I knew what it felt like to be alone and without help, especially financial burdens. I also know that if you genuinely help people using the talents given to you that you would be blessed in other ways. That is why I started this business as a give back to other people who need this help. Let me and my team carries this burden and helps you be done with your problem.

I pride myself on helping other people get out from under burdensome financial problems brought on by life changes using their own real estate as a means to solve those problems. My talents are unique and have been the direct result of working with many industry leaders in real estate, architecture, engineering and construction.


I also help other BUYERS and INVESTORS, with finding and providing real estate that matches their selection criteria. As an Investor, Licensed Engineer, Registered Architect and Contractor I have a detailed EYE on what a specific properties have.

I see the hidden code problems, structural problems and share solutions to those problems with our BUYERS and INVESTORS to ensure their efforts and investment are a success and can cash flow OR to walk away. I take all my skills as a real estate investor, Architect, developer and Professional Engineer and apply them in obtaining specific properties for my preferred buyers.

I am a service oriented professional who has owned and managed service related businesses that understand and know what true service is. I provide this every day, not because I have to, quite frankly, but because I want to. I enjoy applying my many years of experience and talents in helping other people because it’s my desire to have an impact on people and in turn our community and to show not only our team members and our associates, but our customers, our clients, as well as my family what it takes to be successful by helping other people.

Business Philosophy and Values

I have built several successful businesses all related to the real estate industry. It is my mission to clear the path for people and show them what it takes to build a well-run service oriented business. in doing that, I am very particular about the people that we do business with. You see, my company stands for integrity.

We stand for dealing with people in an honest upfront forthright way. Sometimes it’s not always easy to hear the truth, whether our clients or partners or peers. Not everybody wants to hear what we have to say, so we have a tendency to do 1 of 2 things.

We have people that love us because we’re so up front, so transparent, so honest, and so forthcoming with information. Then we have people that are a little rubbed wrong. It’s pretty obvious who we choose to do business with.

It would be my hopes that those are the types of values that you’re looking for in a business. “See, what I believe is that you get 1 shot at a business that helps people, and there’s no point in doing business or aligning yourself with anybody that doesn’t place a value on your time, a value on your Company and a value on the things that you want to be sharing with them in the services that you provide.

It’s my intention, my hope, that when we talk to any new prospects, that they understand who we are, what we believe in, what we stand for, and just as importantly, what we stand against. In that process, we figure out whether or not we’re a good fit, and it’s my hope that, indeed, you are a good fit.

If it sounds like these are the kinds of values in a company you want to be doing business with, then fill out our preferred buyers form on the subsequent pages and let’s talk over the phone about what your goals and values are and how can we help YOU.


Gene Ninnie