The process with RealEstateSolutionsUSA is EASY.

Just fill in the FORM to the RIGHT. It will then take you to our BUYERS FORM PAGE. Select the property type you want, then select the subsequent criteria listed on the FORM. Fill out all information and SUBMIT. Then sit back and allow RealEstateSolutionsUSA find the specific property based on the criteria you provided

We will review the details of the property to make sure it meets your criteria. We will submit it to you and we expect you to close to purchase.


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Welcome to RealEstateSolutionsUSA. Please fill out the form below to get initial contact information then CLICK on Go To the BUYERS Criteria Page and Select the property TYPE you want and provide us with your market specific Criteria. Then sit back and Allow RealEstateSolutionsUSA to find you the specific property you seek. Our properties are not on the MLS. Many are below $50k. Sign up to see available properties & get e-mail alerts.
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The process with RealEstateSolutionsUSA is EASY.

Just fill go to our BUYERS FORM PAGE, either COMMERCIAL BUYERS FORM OR RESIDENTIAL BUYERS FORM. Fill out all information and SUBMIT. Then sit back and allow RealEstateSolutionsUSA find the specific property based on the criteria you provide on our form

We will review the details of the property to make sure it meets your criteria. We will submit it to you and we expect you to close to purchase.

We are serious investors and real estate consultants. Our work ethos is one of urgency, time is of the essence and  professional service to our clients. We expect the same in return.

How Do We Do It

Pretty simple really. We leverage our design, construction and real estate investment experience and contacts to help our Preferred BUYERS.  Our marketing skills and proven proprietary software finds specific deals in accordance with specific criteria. All properties we find are OFF MARKET AND NOT ON THE MLS.

These off market properties are at DEEPLY discounted prices from current market value. Thats it!

Commitment to Our VIP Preferred Buyers

We take great pride in finding specific properties for our preferred buyer. Each preferred buyers is a VIP with us. Not all buyers get on this list, because not all buyers are as serious as us in real estate investing. We commit and act purposely and precisely. We work with a sense of urgency and expect our buyers to do the same. Out expectations is that when we locate the property based on your criteria that you are fully committed with following through to close.  If not then this is not for you.

What specialize in finding off market properties for our SERIOUS buyers we are serious as us in real estate investing. We’ll tell you that it’s kind of a big deal to get onto our VIP buyers list. It’s not a slam dunk. It’s just something that we take a lot of pride in because our cash buyers get white glove concierge service. We really bend over backwards for them. We show them a lot of ATTENTION and we do a lot of good stuff for them. We save them a lot of time, make them a lot of money, and just serve them up on a silver platter exactly what it is they want time and time again. In order to make that happen, we go through a process. In fact, it’s a four step process. Let me just outline what that looks like.

When you fill out our on line FORM.  We take your specific buying criteria and we spend our own money, our own time, own resources, and dedicate our team members into finding you properties that fit your profile.

As you can imagine, we’re not going to go spend any money, we’re not going to go dedicate any time if we don’t have specifics. We like to be in the game of not guessing. We like to go off and create inventory that we know we can sell where we know exactly who the people are that are going to buy everything we do.

With that in mind, we need for you to fill out our on line form to build a client specific profile. YOUR profile. What we want you to do is sit back for a minute, relax and think about your ideal investment property.

I know that sounds kind of funny, but what’s the best investment property you’ve ever purchased? The one you love. The one, quite frankly, that if we could create ten more of them you’d buy all ten. You would do whatever you had to do, go scrape two nickels, you’d go find the money. You’d do whatever you could to get ten more of these properties because they were so lucrative, they fit your exact profile, they never required a lot of time, energy, whatever the case may be. What is your perfect property in that scenario?

We have certain rehabbers we work with and when we ask them that question they’re perfect property is a house that has been completely gutted, almost burned to the ground, no roof on it, the walls are black. That’s their perfect property because they can buy it at a discount and they know what they’re going to do with it.

Other investors we have who answer this question they effectively want a  brand new house, something where all the rehab has already been done, there’s nothing really to do anymore. They’ve basically gone in and all they want is to spend a couple thousand dollars just to basically put a tenant in it and they can rent it. That’s their perfect idea of a perfect property.

We would ask you to close your eyes for a minute and picture your perfect property. Again, this is kind of silly or  foolish, but it is RealEstateSolutions best way at effectively finding the exact and correct property for our VIP BUYERS We create inventory you want, so we need to know exactly what you want.

RealEstateSolutionsUSA Expectations of our VIP Preferred BUYERS

RealEstateSolutionsUSA expects when we call you with your property we expect you to buy it, and we expect you to close. We are going to call you. We are going to give you all the specs via email and over the phone. You’re going to have seven days to check it out.

You’re going to have a few hours to sign and put the contract in place. Send it back along with your escrow deposit.

You’ll then have seven days to check it out and back out if indeed it’s not what you think it is. Again, for our buyers, our expectations are that you move quickly. Time is money. If you can’t move quickly we expect you to tell us. That’s all we ask. Just be very open and honest with us  because if you can’t move quickly, you’re not in a position to do the deal, whatever the case may be.

Now people’s circumstances change, but we are running a business and we don’t want to go put properties under contract that ultimately I’m not going to be able to close to my BUYERS/clients.  This is only fair .

If you were running  your  business that would be the same thing that you expect. So I reiterate

  1. We locate your property
  2. We send you the details on the property to verify your criteria you provided to us
  3. You sign the contract I expect you to turn around, send it back to me quickly because it’ll be exactly what you wanted.
  4. You send back the contract with your escrow deposit to be deposited with the Title Company we specify. That security deposit becomes nonrefundable after day seven and all that will be spelled out in the contract. I expect you to put your security deposit in escrow.
  5. You have 7 days to check out the property
  6. If you agree then we move to close, we expect you to close on the deal,
  7. Closing

If this process moves in a continuous forward progress to close, then we’ll do many, many more.