For BUYERS: At RealEstateSolutionsUSA we find specific properties for BUYERS in accordance to their specific criteria. Using our on line comprehensive form we obtain detailed information on properties and BUYERS real estate goals and find them the properties to help them achieve those goals

We use our more than thirty years of integrating business, engineering, architectural expertise, cost estimating, and real estate Investment in obtaining key specific properties for buyers at any level from the individual investor on single family homes to Multifamily, Commercial and Industrial investors looking to expand and develop their portfolios

Multi Family
Industrial Properties
Commercial Properties
Residential Fix and Flip, Contractors Projects, Handyman Homeowners
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Handyman deals, fixer uppers, foreclosed, distressed, fire damaged, structural/foundation problems, any condition any criteria. If you are someone looking to find a great deal on a HOME you want to live in then fill out the FORM above and follow to the Residential Criteria FORM on the subsequent pages and Select HOME BUYER.


Office, Retail, Mixed Use, Self-Storage both exterior and interior climate controlled, Distressed Older, foreclosed, historical, structural problems, foundation problems we assist our buyers at solving these problems and getting them the best deals.


Any Class, Any type, foreclosed, properties with  infrastructure problems,  Roof Problems, Structural Problems, Site Problems, Sewer and water problems that we can assist the BUYER at finding the best value play and solutions to those problems or providing them with a GO /NO GO decision easier by minimizing RISK


Warehousing, Contractor Yards and Facilities, Manufacturing, repurposing, re-use, Conversions to Commercial Office, retail and Residential. We also assist the buyer on Site, Foundation, structural, utilities , zoning, parking and infrastructure issues to guide our Buyers in making the right decision. We have inspected over 5000 properties and assisted hundreds of buyers to minimize risk, provide creative solutions and increase the net worth and NOI of the properties


Raw Land, Land with pre-approved plans, Zoned Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Brownfields. We also assist the BUYER in providing specific due diligence on the land in regards to wetland issues, on site water and sewage approvals, soil types, Traffic counts, demographics, re-zoning, highest and best use, etc. We have written many due diligence reports on Land for specific uses in assisting our clients at getting the best value and minimizing RISK

For SELLERS:  At RESolutionsUSA we buy houses and any property, any size, and any condition. We eliminate the need for the seller to pay any commission. We pay all closing costs. There is no inspection and financing contingency. There is no need for an appraisal saving the seller more money

There is no waiting period while the SELLER’s property is being sold, we provide an immediate CASH OFFER. We only examine the property once; there are no multiple showings and interruptions. The SELLER does not pay for any repairs WE DO.

Real Estate Consulting Services

We also provide Real Estate Consulting from the eyes of a real estate investor, Architect, Engineer and Contractor. You see we are also investors we entitle, design, fix, and sell real estate. Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family, Industrial and Land. We share our knowledge with our BUYERS creating opportunities for them to participate in the real estate market right alongside us.

We help them improve their position. It is our goal to improve the communities we work in while helping others. We assist the investor at examining their pro formas, property inspection from the eyes of an Licensed Architect and Engineer, Investor and Contractor to minimize YOUR risk and help you from someone who has been there.

Properties we BUY and SELL as well as provide assistance to both. We also assist sellers of these properties at solving their financial problems and exit strategies to sell quickly and obtain CASH FAST.

In todays challenging real estate market, RealEstateSolutionsUSA can provide a full range of professional real estate services matched to our client’s needs. RealEstateSolutionsUSA  has  over 25 years of professional experience in handling all phases of real estate evaluation, management, architecture, engineering, construction and development.

Whether your project is large or small, we can assist you with:

  • Asset management and repositioning strategies for distressed properties
  • Due diligence reviews of real estate assets
  • Project approvals and community outreach programs
  • Analyzing existing projects for value-enhancing opportunities
  • Selection and oversight of project consultants and contractors
  • Preparation and oversight of budgets and project schedules
  • Construction management services and financial auditing
  • Disposition strategies – marketing strategies and brokerage programs
  • Due Diligence on Real Estate
  • Proforma Development
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Utility Analysis
  • Property and Land Inspection
  • Lease Review
  • Capital improvement Analysis and Reporting for increasing NOY+I and Value Play
  • Property Improvement Reports for upgrades
  • Property Analysis and rpeorong on highest and best use for raw land
  • Plan and Code Review

Site Due Diligence Review Services

One of the most critical activities to achieve successful real estate development involves thorough due diligence. This process can identify critical issues early in the transaction/development review. It requires an objective and dispassionate evaluation. Services provided include:

  • Confirm Market Conditions and Potential for Development
  • Obtain/Review Environmental Reports and Title Matters
  • Determine Utility Service Options
  • Review Current and Potential Zoning Conditions
  • Determine Options for Profitable Development

Project Development Feasibility Services

Market feasibility of a project must be well established in order to attract investment/risk capital. Careful vetting and selection of project consultants can save considerable time and money throughout the development cycle. Establishing realistic budgets and schedules provide the basis for proper financial evaluation of a project. Service provided include:

  • Identifying, Retaining and Actively Managing the Project Consultant Team
  • Developing Preliminary and Final Budgets
  • Creating Realistic and Achievable Development Schedules
  • Preparing Financial Analyses to Support Investment/Financing Decisions
  • Determining Options for Profitable Development

Site Value Enhancement Services

Achieving the highest and best use for a real estate asset is complicated in ever changing market conditions. Careful evaluation and assessment may help to unlock more value from the underlying asset. Services provided include:

  • Obtaining/Modifying Project Approvals
  • Developing Community Outreach Programs to Support Challenging Approvals
  • Evaluating/Analyzing Current Operating Assets to Unlock Financial Opportunities
  • Evaluating Options to Reconfigure/Expand Existing Developments to Create More Income

Distressed Real Estate Asset Management

Whether assisting Lending Institutions with REO assets, or providing local help to Investors and Opportunity Funds with due diligence reviews and active management of target assets, RealEstateSolutionsUSA can provide a range of cost-effective and timely distressed real estate asset management services including:

  • Overall analysis of the real estate asset to determine the stability of the asset
  • Physical condition and risks
  • Legal, insurance and title considerations
  • Revenue / expense analysis of operating assets
  • Permit or other governmental risks and opportunities
  • Immediate management action to stabilize your property value
  • Develop and implement workable strategies to improve your property’s core asset value
  • Work to finish “broken” or incomplete projects based on aggressive cost management and subject to market timing considerations
  • Prepare marketing programs and use broker relationships to facilitate disposition of the property as market conditions permit