Buying from RealEstateSolutionsUSA vs. Finding Properties with a local Agent

Ask yourself or an agent can they find or have access to properties at 30-50% Below Market Value?

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Agents have access to properties listed on the MLS ( Multiple Listing Service). They use an interconnected network of properties listed by their brokerage and other brokerages to market. These listings are a result of Sellers signing a contract to have the Agent SELL the property.

The property is valued and set by the Agent and Brokerage based on current market rates. These rates do not allow a savvy real estate investor to value play and apply their strategy. Value Play and Strategy are dependent upon below market properties.

These below market deals are NOT on the MLS nor are they advertised anywhere. However RealEstateSolutions has access to these off market properties . These off market deals allow the investor to value play and apply a strategy.

We work with investors because we are investors as well and know where these off market deals lie. We then pass them onto our Preferred Buyers

Over the years we’ve refined our processes, marketing, and relationships that let us find the best real estate deals before they ever hit the MLS market.

We are also investors, architects, engineers and contractors who know how to value play and apply creative strategies that we pass onto our Preferred Buyers. Our business is strictly wholesaling those properties to investors who want to keep them for rentals or who want to fix and flip them, or apply their unique value play and investment strategies.

Serious Buyers Only Please: If you’re a cash buyer and are looking  for properties 30-50% below market rates in the areas you seek,  we’d like to work with you. Please CLICK the Go to our BUYERS Criteria Page Below and follow the subsequent criteria form. SELECT your Property Type, follow and fill out the subsequent criteria forms related to your property type in accordance with YOUR buying criteria. We will then send you  discounted properties  in accordance with your criteria, we currently have available. If not we will begin our off market search and aquisition for you at no cost to you. (Our list is updated 2-3 times a week, as we secure new properties and as we sell ones already on the list). 

Go to our BUYERS Criteria Page

If you are:

  • An investor looking to add cash flowing properties to your rental portfolio
  • A rehabber looking for great deals with wide margins to fix and turn around for a profit
  • A person looking for a great home at a great price to live in yourself
  • A Commercial and Multi-Family Investor looking for value and applying creative architectural, engineering solutions to improve and re-purpose the property to increase its NOI and value.
  • Industrial users looking for larger or newer spaces to accommodate their operations,  who seek to expand their client geographical areas of distribution and warehousing or investors looking to re-purpose the Industrial property from recent rezoning to Retail, Mixed Use ( Retail/Residential), or perhaps self-storage
  • … or just someone looking for great deals on local real estate

get on our Buyers List with the form on the right and we’ll send you properties each month with discounts of at least 30% below market value.

NOTE: Properties are first come first served so be sure if you find a property that you’re interested in, respond back via email or phone (info once you join to the right) to make sure you get a shot at the property.

Join BELOW, connect with us and let us know what you’re looking for, and we look forward to working with you on sending you insanely discounted properties in the areas you invest in.

Go to our BUYERS Criteria Page